This page has been designed to provide builders and purchasers with the most up-to-date documents and information relating to buying and building at Vertex. Information is updated regularly, so you can be sure it is current. Please click on any of the documents below for Builder information.

Lodging your building plans

Once you have decided on your home design, you will need to submit your final plans into LWP for approval. This is to ensure that every home at Vertex is of a standard that contributes to the overall quality of the development. This helps to protect your investment in your home and contributes to positive capital growth for homeowners.

Before you lodge your new home plans with the City of Wanneroo, you are required to obtain Design Approval from LWP. 

The LWP Design Approval process is as follows:

  1. Ensure when designing your home you refer to the requirements outlined in the design guidelines, contract of sale, individual lot plan and detailed area plan (DAP) if applicable.

  2. Upon completion of your design, submit in PDF format to LWP (

  • One A3 set of plans including site plan, floor plan/s and elevations including setbacks, levels, key dimensions, roof pitches and materials.

  • A completed Scheduled of External Materials (Annexure "C")

  1. LWP will issue a design approval where plans appropriately comply or provide comments where a design may not comply (Allow 7-10 working days).

  2. Upon receipt of an approval from LWP, seek relevant approval from the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale.

There is no charge to obtain LWP’s approval.

Design Guidelines

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