Two bedroom living looks so good

Many of us still live like it is 1984: big yards, big houses, big hair and miles away from parks or shops. But that doesn’t match up with how we want to live today.

We go out more, we shop when we feel like it and we want to be near … everything! Innovo represents this new way of living.

Check out these two bedroom terraces we’ve designed just for you.

  • SOLD
    The-Grange---11066 -innovo465x341
    Hesperia Parade 3 - Ellenbrook
    Lot 11066
    Frontage: 4.5m
    Size: 126
    Now Living
  • 11119_THOMP_465x341
    Ellen Stirling Parade 8 - Ellenbrook
    Lot 11119
    Frontage: 7m
    Size: 180
    Thompson Sustainable Homes
  • Innovo-NL-11065
    Goodwood Crescent 4 - Ellenbrook
    Lot 11152
    Frontage: 4.5m
    Size: 126
  • 11085_THOMP_465x341
    Ellen Stirling Parade 2 - Ellenbrook
    Lot 11085
    Frontage: 4.5m
    Size: 126
    Thompson Sustainable Homes

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