Best things in life are three

The style of Innovo’s housing is a modern interpretation of Australian Georgian architecture – so think contemporary designs with classical touches.

Inside, the concept is space without waste. Living areas are bright and roomy, bedrooms are quiet retreats and the garage is tucked neatly away behind the house.

Here are some designs for you to take a look at.

  • The-Somerset-11064 -innovo465x341
    Goodwood Crescent 1 - Ellenbrook
    Lot 11155
    Frontage: 6m
    Size: 168
  • 11087_THOMP_465x341
    Ellen Stirling Parade 4 - Ellenbrook
    Lot 11087
    Frontage: 7m
    Size: 167
    Thompson Sustainable Homes
  • SOLD
    Ellen Stirling Parade 3 - Ellenbrook
    Lot 11086
    Frontage: 7m
    Size: 168
    Thompson Sustainable Homes
  • 11118_THOMP_465x341
    Ellen Stirling Parade 7 - Ellenbrook
    Lot 11118
    Frontage: 5.2m
    Size: 141
    Thompson Sustainable Homes
  • Innovo-NL-11066
    Goodwood Crescent 3 - Ellenbrook
    Lot 11153
    Frontage: 4.5m
    Size: 126
  • SOLD
    The-Regency---11065 -innovo465x341
    Hesperia Parade 2 - Ellenbrook
    Lot 11065
    Frontage: 4.5m
    Size: 126
    Now Living

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