Huntlee COmmunity

Let's chat about Huntlee and how you'd like to see the Hunter's newest town grow and prosper.

To start shaping the vision, the Huntlee team have drafted a Huntlee Community Plan which provides a blueprint for building a happy, healthy, vibrant and inclusive community. It's designed to show how a range of live, work and play opportunities can be brought together to build a town designed for the 21st Century living.

This comprehensive community plan is based on four pillars identified as integral to building the community and we'd love to hear your thoughts around each pillar.  If you've  got a great idea or would just like to talk to someone about our community, fill out the form below.

Living at Huntlee

The four pillars of our community:

Huntlee Community
Huntlee Community
Huntlee Community
Huntlee Community
The people of Huntlee will enjoy the benefits of a healthy attitude towards, life, work and play. They will be able to connect with one another, stay fit and healthy, enjoy a culturally rich lifestyle, and have easy access to community facilities and services.

Community Events Program

Huntlee will create a sense of vitality and fun through a well-planned community events program.  A Community Team will also be formed to facilitate and coordinate community-based programs.

Highly Walkable Community

Walking and cycling is made easy by the village scale and extensive 40km planned network of uninterrupted pathways that will link the villages and town centre.  Beautiful  streets with shady trees will create environments that are safe, comfortable and enjoyable for walking.

Meeting place and green spaces

Public spaces including corner stores, cafes, small bars, parks and playgrounds will provide community meeting and interaction opportunities.

Funding for Community Groups

Huntlee will develop funding for existing and new community groups, along with ongoing opportunities for community participation in the shaping of Huntlee.  An arts based culture will also be facilitated across a range of platforms. 

Katherine's Landing, Huntlee, North Rothbury

Complementing the objective of creating the best possible place to live, will be the significant steps taken to enhance Huntlee’s natural environment, including retaining generous natural habitats of local flora and fauna and weaving the riparian creek line corridors into the village and town centre design.

With more than $1.5 billion of investment projected over the 20-year construction timeframe, Huntlee will provide significant economic stimulus for the region and is estimated to generate
an additional 3,000 jobs.

Huntlee will offer the best 21st Century living for everyone who chooses to live there or visit. It will be a leader of emerging trends with technology, alternative energy sources, water conversation, transport and waste recycling.

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