At Ellenbrook we have always made it a priority to have a range of housing types and styles for the residents. That’s why we have a variety of block sizes, and why we have design guidelines for when it comes time to build..

The design guidelines, covenants and building conditions help us make sure the streets and the homes on them are as varied and beautiful as the natural landscapes around them. As well as adding beauty, it also enhances the value and potential of your home. Our guidelines also identify ways that buyers can reduce the carbon footprint of their new home, which often results in savings on running costs – a major bonus for the buyer! LWP is always on hand to provide advice and information to purchasers and home builders. For information on the design guidelines for Ellenbrook, please contact us at buildingplans@lwpproperty.com.au.

Lexia Village

Annie's Landing

Malvern Springs

Charlotte's Vineyard

Land for Sale | Ellenbrook

We make it a priority to offer you a diverse range of homesites where you can live the life you want, in a place that’s as beautiful as it is liveable.

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