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Designed to offer a connected and healthy lifestyle for around 10,000 people, The Glades at Byford has the best of modern village living in a beautiful natural setting - right here, right now.

Our five intimate precincts, Williams Place, Brickwood Chase, Woodland Grove, Coral Gardens and Icaria, are all within a stroll of the village centre, shops, cafes and schools, and Lake Allambee, a popular attraction for locals and visitors.

Set among 370 hectares of countryside, The Glades is named for the twin corridors of parkland at the heart of the development and offers a natural lifestyle in an urban setting. We’ve left more than 14% of the area as public open space with natural pathways and cycle routes making it easy to connect with everywhere in the estate and to nearby Byford. 

The Glades is little over half an hour from the city of Perth, and links to other major centres through the Tonkin Highway, just five minutes away, and the Kwinana Freeway, fifteen minutes away.

By putting in place everything people need to be connected to nature, to each other and to the wider metropolitan area, LWP is building healthy and sustainable communities that will be strong and vibrant for generations to come.

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The Glades at a Glance

You want to live, work and play in a place where it’s easy to be connected to nature, to your neighbours and to the wider community. That’s exactly how we’ve designed it to be at The Glades.

  •  40 mins from Perth

    Kwinana Freeway (15 mins away) Tonkin Highway (5 mins away)

  • 3.5k houses 10,000 residents

    The largest new master planned community

  • $119k starting price

    Ranging from 180sqm cottage lots to 1023sqm lifestyle lots

The Glades Spaces and Places

Creating a welcoming place to live is about more than just roads and house - it is about building a community, which is why we would love to invite you and our local residents, to get out and about and explore this special place.  

Click here or on the link below and you will find information about our cycle tracks, walk trails, parklands and public art and more. 

You will see highlighted on the map, details of future trails and fitness nodes too, so you can see what we have planned for the future of The Glades. 

A copy of the brochure can also be picked up from The Glades Information & Sales Centre at 2 Doley Road, Byford. 

Download your copy of The Glades Spaces and Places map here



Community and Lifestyle

LWP’s central mission is to create the best environment possible for people to Live, Work and Play. We know our innovative approach to building communities is working because our residents tell us they love it… 

"My kids feel free and safe to do what kids are meant to do – play with other kids in the streets. We love seeing this". (The Glades Survey response).

To build connected and sustainable communities, we invest in neighbourhood friendly infrastructure such as parks, playgrounds, walk trails and a village centre. We value public art, from a three-leaf entry statement at Doley Road, to the windmill sculpture moving gently in the breeze on Warrington Road. 

Both sculptures represent an aspect of the heritage of the area, and are part of a longer term plan to include community-created art in more public open spaces, helping to create a sense of belonging, continuity and community pride.

We also invest in people and at the start of a development we create a Community Planning Team, with local residents and Shire representatives, and employ a Community Development Officer. This way we can see what services and facilities will be valued and used by the people who live at The Glades.

Among our initiatives we have a community development fund supporting for local groups. 




It’s important to us that our communities are connected but also sustainable. We want them to be here for future generations to enjoy as well.

That’s why LWP is committed to measures that will protect and preserve the environment – an approach that has been recognised with awards for environmental excellence. Here are some of the ways we have shown our commitment:

  • More than 85% of trees have been retained
  • More than 85% of our homesites are east/west aligned (best for solar passive homes)
  • All home buyers get a waterwise garden landscape package
  • Rehabilitation of degraded creeks
  • Creating drainage basins designed to look like wetlands
  • Planting 10,000 native trees to rehabilitate Cardup Brook

Extensive walk and bike trails as well as an abundance of public open space at The Glades means that people are encouraged to live a healthy and connected life, building their own neighbourhood and a strong, vibrant community.



LWP Grants

LWP offers grants to help facilitate events, programs or services that benefit the local community. Groups or individuals are asked to demonstrate that what they are planning is:

  • To be offered within LWP communities
  • To be offered in the long-term after receiving initial funding to get started
  • Much needed within the LWP community. 

So far we’ve helped fund local cricketing groups, the BMX Club and the Residents’ Association. To find out more, download the community grant information & application form or email us at

  Community Grant Application   




LWP works with a variety of partners to build a community with something for everyone. 

LWP works closely with the YMCA at Byford to link new residents with sporting and community groups. The YMCA manages the community recreation centre in Byford, which has a health club, two sports courts, extreme sports area, crèche and 300 seat function room. Check out the Community & Events page for more information or to find out more about the YCMA, visit




The Precincts - What's in a Name?

Eventually The Glades will be home to around ten thousand people, yet we know it will still have the feel of a connected community because we designed it that way.

At LWP our priority is to nurture a return to neighbourhood living by creating intimate precincts within our master planned communities. So The Glades is made up of five precincts where all 3,500 homesites are within easy walking distance of the beautiful Lake Allambee at the heart of the village centre. They are neighbourhoods where walking and enjoying an outdoor life is encouraged by an abundance of landscaped and natural parkland, as well as tree-lined streets with wide verges and distinct pathways.

Each of the precincts has its own unique character, and with homesites ranging from 335sqm cottage lots to 700sqm lifestyle lots, there’s something to suit every budget and lifestyle.

Woodland Grove

Woodland Grove is the central precinct, close to all schools, shops and other amenities planned for The Glades but also close to nature, set between two glades of public open space with a natural creek and stunning streets lined with mature jacaranda trees. There’s also an Anzac Memorial Park paying homage to our servicemen and women, including Byford local Cyril Woodland whose service in World War One is honoured in the name of the precinct.


Icaria is on the southern side of The Glades, and is named after a small Greek Island where most people live longer than average, and a third of residents make it to ninety or older. They benefit from the island’s clean air and an active lifestyle, and we’ve designed Icaria at The Glades around the same principles. Here you’ll have easy access to walk trails and fitness tracks, complete with integrated gym equipment, as well as an abundance of public open spaces and parklands. 

Coral Gardens

Coral Gardens the dress circle precinct, a secluded yet easily accessible inner sanctum within The Glades where you’ll have everything on your doorstep and still enjoy the tranquillity of living with nature. This garden precinct already feels like an older, established suburb partly because of vibrant, mature coral trees that give the area its name.

William's Place

William's Place is named after William Percival ‘Percy’ Nairn, a farmer from the area who was wounded in battle in 1918 and returned home to later build ‘Percy’s Place’ in the hills around Byford.

Brickwood Chase

Brickwood Chase is located adjacent to Brickwood Reserve: the most extensive area of Marri and Kingie woodland in the Perth metropolitan area. Brickwood Reserve is home to rare wetland ecosystems and stands of rare Salmon White Gum. 

Explore The Glades at Byford

The Glades is a touch of the countryside that you can call home yet still be just over half an hour from Perth CBD and a short distance from two major road networks that give easy access to Perth Airport and other centres in the metropolitan north, west and south.