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Our blog features the news and views of a variety of our employees, suppliers and residents. From expert, leading commentary from our Managing Director Mr Danny Murphy through to thoughts on what makes a great community from our local residents, our blog is designed to provide insight into what it takes to make sustainable communities in which people can live, work and play. If you have any ideas for future topics, please email us.

Our guide to buying land – Part 5 – The Big Build and Moving

by Stacy Norton - 25 Mar 2015

Congratulations! The planning is done, the paperwork has been lodged and you can now focus on pre-start.

Think colour schemes and fixtures, kitchen fittings and more…

It is also a great time to consider and perhaps arrange relevant insurances or financial protections so they are in place once you’ve made the big move.

Covering the following topics, the videos in The Big Build discuss some of the personal touches homebuilders can add to their homes, as well as practical advice to help you enjoy your new investment for many years to come:

  • Designing a great bedroom
  • What to expect at your pre-start meeting
  • Consumer protection insurance
  • Tips on building and contents insurance
  • Choosing a functional kitchen design
  • Living room designs you’ll love
  • Income protection insurance

Find out on YouTube now.

Our guide to buying land – Part 4 – The Paperwork

by Ryan Milroy - 18 Mar 2015

Building a home can sometimes feel like a time consuming and stressful experience but there lots of things you can do to help avoid delays and streamline the process.

At LWP we are all about creating communities to live, work and play in.

We want to help remove some of the pressures that may arise before construction commences and that’s where our Sales staff come in. They are more than happy to help answer all of your questions and walk you through this vital process.

You will also need to engage a Settlement Agent to liaise with your financial institution and other relevant authorities.

It’s important that you get the paperwork right so we’ve created a series of short and informative videos to get you thinking about property settlement.

In this series of videos we walk you through the following:

  • Applying for the first home owners grant
  • The role of a settlement agent
  • The importance of signing and returning settlement documents on time
  • Paying stamp duty
  • Nominating a settlement agent

Find out more by watching the YouTube clips now.

Our guide to buying land – Part 3 – The Big Decision

by Stacy Norton - 11 Mar 2015

Finance is locked in, your budget is in place and now it’s time to make some exciting choices about your home’s design.

From its orientation and elevation, to choosing low energy appliances or water saving devices, there are many things to consider.

In The Big Decision, our Urban Design guru, Stacy Norton, shares some handy tips to help you comply with any covenants or guidelines relevant to your development without compromising on you’re the design of your dreams.

Covering the following topics, this series of short videos will help you get on with the business of bringing your home to life in one of our great communities:

  • Making changes to your home design
  • Keeping your design within budget
  • Choosing a home design that suits your block
  • How to ensure your design complies with relevant design guidelines
  • Creating a more environmentally friendly design 

Learn more on YouTube now.

Our guide to buying land – Part 2 – Money, Money, Money

by Ryan Milroy - 24 Feb 2015

So, you’ve decided to build a new home and it’s time to think about finance.

At LWP we are committed to bringing each of our vibrant communities to life. We understand that first homebuyers may need a little help along the way and that’s why we've compiled a simple and comprehensive land and home buyers guide to help you learn more about the process of building.

When you consider the many different lenders and financial products on offer, government grants and fees and other associated costs, it’s easy to get confused.

Budget and finance are the focus of our second series of videos, Money, Money, Money, where we explore topics such as:

  • The benefits of visiting local branches or engaging a mobile lender
  • How online tools and phone mortgage calculators can help you determine just how much you may be able to borrow
  • The importance of creating a monthly budget
  • Making extra loan repayments
  • Mortgage brokers versus banks?
  • How mortgage repayments are calculated
  • The different fees you may have to pay

Watch now on YouTube:

Attention to detail meets old world charm at Annie’s Village

by Melanie Carpenter - 11 Feb 2015

There’s inspiration aplenty at the new display village at Annie’s Landing in Ellenbrook where verandas, metal deck roofs and large gables have emerged as popular trends.

Opened late last year, many of the 28 new display homes take their cues from the strong sense of character and natural beauty of the Avon Valley.

The Avon Valley itself offers a range of architectural styles, from the Australian homestead to New Norcia’s Spanish Revival designs. Many were introduced from Europe and adapted to withstand the challenges of the Australian environment – a factor that’s just as important today.

A high level of detailing – think pitched roofs, local Toodyay stone, weatherboards and face brick in warm, autumn shades – can be spotted throughout the display village.

Light-coloured render, simple forms, painted brickwork, vertically proportioned windows and wide verandas also feature in many of the display homes.

Megan Buckland, Project Manager for the Ellenbrook Town Centre, shares her thoughts on why people have been drawn to the fantastic new designs on display.

A growing number of homebuilders are being drawn to a sense of tradition and substance.

Traditional elements are being combined with contemporary styling, creating elevations that are diverse and interesting, which is really exciting to see.

Many homebuyers are also keen to personalise their home’s exterior with details such as double veranda posts, window hoods, corbelling, mouldings and rendered plinths.

At Annie’s Landing, each builder has created an individual home, demonstrating how homebuyers can add as much or as little detail as they like while still meeting the design guidelines we set for Annie’s Landing.

Each builder has also illustrated how the building guidelines can be interpreted depending on whether the homebuyer is looking for something very classic or something more contemporary.

Before choosing a style for your new home, why not take a drive to the Annie’s Landing display village off Banrock Drive in Ellenbrook and let its natural charm inspire you. For display village opening times and further information, visit www.ellenbrook.com.au or call the LWP sales team on 9297 9999.

How to buy land....

by Heather Awcock - 30 Sep 2014


Building your first home can be a huge and daunting task.

First of all, there is such a choice of developments and block sizes and styles to choose from and that is before you have even had the chance to speak to various financial institutions to find out what mortgage is right for you.

For many first home buyers this process leaves them breaking out in cold sweats, which is why we have developed a series of short how-to videos to demystify the process of buying your first block and building your first home. Login

Our first videos cover the following:

Buying on your own or with someone else

  • What you need to do if your deposit is less than 20%
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Financial pre-approval
  • Determining your financial status
  • What you should look for in a development
  • The best loan
  • Benefits of ready built packages
  • Differences between a house and land package and ready built
  • Benefits of house and land packages
  • Getting financial approvals

Watch now on You Tube:


One resident’s journey of buying land, building and living at Trinity

by Heather Awcock - 29 Aug 2014

Thoughts from a resident of Trinity, Kendal Goulay

Picture yourself relaxing in your alfresco on a glorious Perth afternoon. The sea breeze has come in, you’ve put your feet up and are taking a moment to admire your newly constructed home.

The journey from choosing the right homesite in the right community, to building and meeting the neighbours takes lots of planning and a little patience.

As a master-planned community, LWP’s Trinity at Alkimos has set a benchmark for quality, sustainable living in Perth’s northern corridor while offering a relaxed, easy-going coastal lifestyle.

And there aren’t many people around who love Trinity more than Kendal Gourlay. She lives at Trinity with her husband Ross, children Christopher and Rachel and their dog, Harvey.

Kendal is a member of the Trinity Community Reference Group and embodies everything that is great about the sense of community at Trinity.

In this blog, we asked Kendal about her journey to becoming a Trinity resident, and lessons learned along the way.

First things first… choose a homesite

Whether you are planning to raise a family, build your first home, or find a sound investment, there’s a lot to consider when buying land.

It’s best to start with a wish list of your preferred suburbs, lot size and shape, home size and design etc.

Developer’s land sales offices and websites offer loads of information, such as LWP’s First Homebuyers Online Guides, to get you started.

Kendal and Ross purchased a 450sqm block in December 2011.

“We chose Trinity as it was good value for money and we liked its ‘village’ theme,” she said.

“We do wish that we had purchased a slightly bigger lot so we could have accommodated a larger garden but we loved that Trinity was a quiet, friendly neighbourhood.”

Help is a question away…

As this was the first time Kendal and Ross had built, they found the process confusing at times and learnt that there was a lot to gain from asking questions.

“For example, we come from the UK where soak wells are a standard inclusion but we learned that we had to put in our own soak wells here,” she said.

“We also learned that we could have brought our house forward slightly, giving us more space in the garden. Our neighbour did this but it was not offered as an option to us, so we didn't realise it could be done.

“Another thing to remember is that if you choose a corner lot, you are responsible for the upkeep of the verge area.”

Choose the builder that’s right for you

After choosing their homesite, Kendal and Ross built a 4x2 with study and theatre room through Celebration Homes.

New developments often have display villages and it’s a good idea to visit as many of these as possible (before you meet with your builder) to get a feel for the size and style of home that suits your needs.

The display village at Trinity features 21 homes from Perth's leading home builders, with eight of the homes built on 'cottage' homesites and the remainder on traditional lots.

Kendal said Celebration Homes had been “first-class from start to finish”.

“The rooms are a good size, which is one of the reasons we chose this design,” she added.

“Construction started at the end of February/beginning of March and we were in ahead of schedule!”

She did however advise home builders to check their home thoroughly before handover and speak up if they noticed any defects:

“We were lucky not to have much of a snagging list but on final inspection we noticed that the main bathroom tiles on the decorative strip were a different shade from each other,” she said. “This was easily and immediately fixed by the tiler.”

Love where you live

Kendal has seen some significant growth and change at Trinity since her home was finished two years ago.

“Access to the new Butler Train Station is nearly complete and we now have several play parks for little kids,” she said.

“I love the local markets throughout the year and am also looking forward to visiting the planned local shops and cafe. A village cafe where residents can meet for a chat and a coffee is so important.”

The passionate Trinity resident says she enjoys living in a community where “everyone is willing to help each other out”:

“I love my neighbours here at Trinity and really love the community feel it has!

Then and now…

by Danny Murphy - 13 Jun 2014

As land developers, we often talk about our ‘vision’ for new communities. We try to paint a picture for future residents to help them imagine what it will be like to live in these new developments in one year’s time, five years’ time – even a decade or more later.

 A key priority for LWP Property Group is to remain true to the original vision for a new maste-rplanned community as it takes shape over many years – in the case of Ellenbrook, over two decades.

So how have we done? Have we delivered on our promises? How do future residents in some of our newer communities know that what the artists’ impressions show now will be what is on the ground in coming months and years?

Well, they could take a look at Ellenbrook for starters. They could refer back to the ‘The Ellenbrook Concept’, a document that was published in 1993 – complete with an introduction from then Premier of Western Australia Richard Court.

Here’s what that document says about ‘The Vision” for Ellenbrook:

Ellenbrook will be a modern community designed to provide housing and associated education, recreation, retail and community facilities for up to 35,000 residents. It will offer a wide choice of accommodation and lifestyle in an attractive environment designed to enhance the natural features of the site. While signifying a return to the more traditional values of community living, Ellenbrook will also pursue a leadership role in the more efficient delivery of infrastructure and in the adoption of improved environmental management techniques.

Over 20 years later, let’s review how we’ve done.

Education: Ellenbrook has four Government primary schools and one Government Secondary College. It also has three private primary schools and two private secondary schools. But before these were built – when there were just 50 residents in Ellenbrook – LWP developed Schools in Houses and Schools in Offices – an innovative way of providing primary school facilities before the community was large enough to support a Government primary school.

Recreation & community facilities: from Ellenbrook Arts – a not for profit organization that hosts art exhibitions in Ellenbrook Gallery – to kilometres of walk and cycle trails connecting and through parks, a full size sports oval, plus cafes, restaurants and a tavern, Ellenbrook is a thriving community with something for everyone.

Retail: In addition to small local shops throughout Ellenbrook, and bulky goods and hardware stores on the Promenade, The Shops at Ellenbrook in the Town Centre has 80 retailers including Coles, Woolworths, Australia Post, Dick Smith, Big W, Dymocks and BWS.

Choice of accommodation: from the traditional quarter acre block to low maintenance ‘lock and leave’ cottage lots, from apartment living to country homesites, Ellenbrook has a vibrant mix of homes. This means that not only is there always an affordable option for first home buyers, there are also options to suit growing families, retired couples and young professionals. One of the best testaments to this is the number of people who move within Ellenbrook’s villages – sometimes as many as 25% of purchasers in a year are currently living in Ellenbrook.

Environment: Everywhere throughout Ellenbrook there is evidence of the landscape that was here long before the development. From natural enhanced bushland, native wetlands, landscaped waterwise parks and stunning treed streetscapes, the natural environment is at the heart of Ellenbrook’s design. Malvern Springs was one of the first land developments in Perth to be awarded Urban Development Institute of Australia certification for EnviroDevelopment.

Still need convincing? Take a look of some of these ‘then and now’ photographs and artists impressions of Ellenbrook. More than any words, they tell the story of what we envisioned for Ellenbrook, and what we delivered. We think you’ll agree, Ellenbrook is ‘all grown up’!
LWP's Ellenbrook Town Centre

The Glades - Resident Blog

by Danny Murphy - 25 Mar 2014


Mandi Parker Market Coordinator and resident at The Glades  Occasionally we like to have guest bloggers who give a different perspective of our communities.  This time, our guest blogger is Mandi Parker, one of the early residents of The Glades and also Market Coordinator for The Glades Arts & Produce Markets.  

The ‘Great Australian Dream’ of owning a home with a patch of grass Dad can mow on the weekend, friendly neighbours who pop over for a cuppa and local kids riding up and down the streets on their bikes in relative safety, is a dream hard to come by these days.

The Glades at Byford, however, is not only an exception to this rule but is forging its own legacy as a connected master-planned community and one where Australian families can ‘live the dream’.

Mandi Parker, a resident at The Glades and Market Coordinator for the development, is incredibly passionate about her community and we interviewed her as part of our latest blog.

Mandi and her young family previously lived in Serpentine, a short distance away from The Glades, until it was clear that there was something lacking.

“Having young children and a husband who worked away, I found that I really was missing a community support network,” Mandi said.

“So my husband and I did some research into Ellenbrook, LWP’s first development and were really impressed with the community they created there; so soon after we bought our homesite in The Glades.

“LWP’s vision for their master-planned communities is more than a sales pitch; they live and breathe it.  They don’t just build houses and walk away, they invest a lot of time and money creating neighbourhoods like the ones we grew up in where everyone knows everyone.”

Mandi and her husband were among the first to build in the development and today know every single person in the street.  Mandi loves the friendliness of The Glades, and the feeling that there is a community of families looking out for one another’s kids.

“We had a ‘few’ friends and neighbours over for dinner a few weeks ago, and when I counted I discovered I had 27 kids in my house, playing, eating, riding bikes, while the parents caught up! It’s a real neighbourhood, where we all look out for each other.

“At Christmas time we blocked off the street and had a street party; a real highlight of the year, everyone looks forward to it.”

When asked what has changed in the time she has lived in The Glades, Mandi was quick to respond:

“Growth! When we moved in there were five houses, now there are over 400. It’s phenomenal. Our community is growing and growing, with people chasing that one in a million community feel.”

Mandi has also been instrumental in the success of The Glades Arts & Produce Market.

“When I was first approached to take over coordinating the market it was a small, Saturday afternoon market of about 30 stalls and I could see so much potential in making it a real community institution.

“LWP is very special because they always look to the community first when trying to fill a job or role within the development. Phil Cuttone from LWP found out I had previously worked in event management and approached me to take on the role.”

Thanks to Mandi’s team and LWP’s support, The Glades Arts & Produce Market now showcases between 80 and 100 stalls and attracts thousands of people from the local community and surrounding area.

“The Market really provides a fun environment where residents can catch up, and at the same time people interested in living in The Glades can enjoy an insight into what it’s like to live here,” Mandi said.

“The Market has also been an effective avenue for fundraising for our local community groups such as the local primary school.”

Mandi’s market model has also been adopted in LWP’s other developments Trinity at Alkimos and Ellenbrook; with the markets at Ellenbrook counted among the biggest outdoor market in Western Australia. So what now for The Glades Arts & Produce Market?

“Now the purpose-built market site in Gallant Turn has been completed, we are enjoying settling into our fantastic new location. My aim is to maintain the quality and continue to grow the popularity of the markets  - it’s already become a fixture in the community calendar,” Mandi said.

“LWP has created something amazing with The Glades. They don’t just talk about creating communities; they go above and beyond and really deliver. For that, and on behalf of my family and the many families in my community, I am very thankful.”

Huntlee: A New Town and What it Means

by Danny Murphy - 24 Feb 2014

 Stephen Thompson, Project Director Huntlee A guest post by
Stephen Thompson | LWP Project Director | Huntlee


You hear and read a lot of slogans from land developers about creating great places to live.  And you hear how their project includes everything you need, and incredibly, it’ll all be right at your doorstep.  But is that even possible?  Well, yes and no.

The reality is that there are great places to live in this world, but there are also some not-so-great places to live.  At LWP, we create great places, but what makes a place great? 

A gentleman by the name of William H Whyte asked himself that question in the late 1960’s whilst working at the New York City Planning Commission.  To answer his question he spent many years studying and watching people using their city.  His work inspired the likes of Jane Jacobs, another famous “people watcher”, and the emergence of “new urbanism” in the United States.  New urbanism is an urban planning philosophy which embraced Whyte’s findings that it is people who make places great. 

Most people understand that America is a car-centric environment.  Following the end of World War II, America became known for its interstate freeway construction programme, the explosion in car ownership, and the ensuing urban sprawl.  Suburbs sprouted up everywhere to cater for the new dream of suburban living and car dependency; a trend which continued for 40 years.  Australia’s urban development followed a similar pattern to that of the United States.

New urbanism (or place-making) on the other hand, adopted the Whyte and Jacobs beliefs that great places are where people gather to socialise and interact, and that places should be designed for people, not cars.  Through his years of behavioural observations, Whyte famously stated: “What attracts people most, it would appear, is other people”.  That’s what we believe at LWP. 

The development of Huntlee will take context from “place-making” and “new urbanism” to create a New Town that will be a place for people.  Exhaustive work been undertaken to ensure Huntlee is a fully considered community with a focus on education, employment and recreation opportunities for its residents.  And the town centre will provide important opportunities for social and cultural interactions.

So yes, you can have great places with everything at your doorstep.  But no, not everyone can do this.  The reasons are relatively simple: scale, experience, and commitment.

In order to create a new great place, there needs to be scale.  It’s difficult to create a great place if what’s being developed is a few blocks of land in a paddock, or there’s no town centre, or you can’t connect your communities with cultural, social, and employment opportunities.  Huntlee has the scale to achieve all of this.

You also need experience.  Building a whole town is a complex endeavour of social, environmental, and physical constructs. To be successful, it is not something that can be slapped together and hope for the best.  Developments that fail, fail because they focus on chopping up land as quickly and cheaply as possible, rather than building the social and cultural layers that make a thriving community.  Huntlee is being managed by LWP Property Group; a company that specialises in large-scale communities and with a proven track record at creating great places to live, work, and play.

And probably most importantly, you need a consistent vision and a steadfast commitment to it.  You can’t compromise your vision for a quick buck, or change your plans to suit a few short-term flutters in the market, or just because you had a bad year.  Creating a great place requires you to be truthful to your commitments and to deliver the vision you’ve promised to everyone who has believed in you. 

So if you think the latest land release near you is just a collection of marketing slogans, take a closer look at whether they can offer the ingredients for creating a truly great place. 

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